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Forward-looking, diverse and appealing – the Federal Foreign Office, the place-branding initiative Germany – Land of Ideas, the Goethe-Institut and a number of business partner will be presenting Germany in a 2,000 m² pavilion.

Riyadh, 01/12/2016

About the Janadriyah Festival

Each year, the Saudi royal family celebrates the culture of Saudi Arabia together with the Saudi population for two weeks at the Janadriyah Festival. The traditions and characteristics of the country’s various regions have been presented on a site near the capital Riyadh for 30 years. The national cultural and folklore festival is the only one of its kind and is extremely popular among the population, attracting around
one million visitors each year. For the seventh time, a host country will be given the opportunity to present its characteristics and traditions as well as its own way of life and culture to the Saudi public. In past years, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Turkey, France and, most recently, the United Arab Emirates were invited to the festival.

Germany to be guest country at the Janadriyah Festival 2016

Forward-looking, diverse and appealing – the Federal Foreign Office, the place-branding initiative Germany – Land of Ideas, the Goethe-Institut and a number of business partners will be presenting Germany in a 2,000 m² pavilion. By using the pavilion concept, the organisers intend to provide visitors with a clear and tangible demonstration of the innovative solutions and creative ideas that Germany offers to address the challenges of the future. The festival will facilitate an intensive dialogue with all parts of the most populous country in the region and will function as an interesting platform for an exchange of knowledge and culture between Germany and Saudi Arabia.
Germany has accepted Saudi Arabia’s invitation and will be the official guest country at the 30th Janadriyah Festival in 2016. The German participation was planned for 2015 already but due to the death of King Abdul, is has been postponed for a year.

“Innovation has tradition” – the pavilion will invite visitors to go on a tour of a German city

Visitors to the Germany pavilion will be invited to go on a journey through time in a typical German city. Both innovative ideas and Germany’s traditional way of life will be on display on a tour entitled “Innovation has tradition”. The tour will begin at a medieval city gate and proceed to the pavilion’s interior via a moat. Inside the pavilion, visitors will see a model of a street featuring, for instance, half-timbered houses, a historic market square with a stone well, modern German architecture, as well as a café area and, ultimately, a glimpse into the future.

The tour will be accompanied by a cultural programme offered by the Goethe-Institut featuring artists displaying modern and contemporary art forms with elements of traditional culture. In addition to this cultural programme, visitors can look forward to thematic exhibitions by the business partners on such topics as mobility and logistics, energy efficiency, education, trade and production, information and communication.

About V-LINE

V-LINE EUROPE GmbH, founded in 1979, and headquartered near Hanover in Germany, has its primary MRO Supply Market operations in the Middle East, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and other country customer service centers in GCC states, Mexico and Brazil. V-LINE sourcing and procurement centers in the USA, China, Japan and Korea offer industrial plants in all its markets an integrated set of services tailored to lowering their total procurement costs for foreign MRO parts while meeting the highest global standards of supply performance.

V-LINE service takes title to the plant MRO parts flow from order until delivery. V-LINE manages the flow of goods and procurement transactions using modern IT to link its computer systems with the computer systems of suppliers, logistics providers and the receiving customer plant.

V-LINE also offers a comprehensive set of additional MRO plant lifecycle services that provide global knowledge and data based plant mangement solutions to achieve Operational Excellence.
For more information visit or phone EMEA:+49 (5138) 7008-0
USA : +1 (732) 919-0190, Japan: +81 (66) 675 3001, Korea: +82 (2) 4612701, Saudi Arabia: +966 (13) 3407940, Mexico:+52 (2222) 536396, Brazil:+55 (11) 66712958