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V-LINE founder and CEO Detlef Daues recently hosted Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany Dr. Awwad S. Al Awwad during a V-LINE headquarters’ visit that showcased the success story of the German SME in the Saudi business context.

Empowered by current activities of V-LINE to expand its operations in Saudi Arabia as a commitment to VISION 2030 strategic objectives, the visit intended to present the skills and experiences V-LINE has to offer to the ambitions of Saudi Arabia in further reinforcing its role as the regional leader.
The ambassador’s visit also served as an opportunity to introduce V-LINE’s long history in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and active work for country-specific market development. Joined by V-LINE’s executives, Daues also discussed ongoing efforts to identify potential areas for improvement and establish experience-based benchmarks with the aim of streamlining processes along the end-to-end procurement supply chain.
The ambassador received an overview of the full portfolio of V-LINE competencies and current activities presented by the management team. Further, he was provided with information about the ongoing continuous improvement workshops with TASNEE which is an example of cooperation between V-LINE and major industrial customers in Saudi Arabia. Hence, and with the new VISION 2030, several joint initiatives are being put into action and the aforementioned synergies further strengthened.
Ambassador Al-Awwad also engaged with V-LINE’s management team on the new in-Kingdom business development opportunities and showed support for its further growth and sustainability. With V-LINE’s major past, current, and upcoming investments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it’s essential to maintain a proactive interaction with important stakeholders such as ministries, industrial customers, and trade bodies to find solutions on current business priorities which are part of the National Transformation Program.
Subsequent to the visit to V-LINE’s headquarters, the Ambassador accompanied by Daues attended a lunch meeting organized by the Hannover Messe with a select business community from the region of Lower Saxony which aimed to open discussion channels on potential opportunities for local companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


About V-LINE

V-LINE EUROPE GmbH, founded in 1979, and headquartered in Sehnde, Germany, offers end-to-end procurement solutions to a wide variety of customers in more than 20 countries. V-LINE is present all around the world with affiliates, customer service centers, in addition to sourcing and procurement offices in the KSA, the USA, Qatar, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan and South Korea.
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