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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Today, V-LINE EUROPE GmbH, a global leader in industrial supply chain solutions, announces the establishment of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a full trading license.

The initial investment of nearly 27 million SAR will contribute to create hundred new jobs. This development marks one of the largest investments from a foreign Small and Medium-Size Enterprise (SME) in Saudi Arabia and one that advances the goals of a robust and diversified economy of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

“The establishment of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST is a testament to our enduring success in the Kingdom, which began with the launch of our Jubail branch, V-LINE SAUDI ARABIA, in 2008 under the leadership of Mr. Shahzad Haider,” explains V-LINE EUROPE Founder and CEO Mr. Detlef Daues. “Our unparalleled ability to anticipate and understand the unique needs and objectives of our clients in the region has afforded us the opportunity to work with many exceptional enterprises both in the Kingdom and internationally.” V-LINE’s global expansion now encompasses operations in 20 countries with nearly one billion SAR in annual revenue.

V-LINE EUROPE GmbH has appointed Mr. Anas El Arras as Chief Executive Officer of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the position. Mr. El Arras describes his new role as one that will “focus on expanding our established portfolio in Saudi Arabia by encouraging further local value creation and reflect our deep commitment to Saudi Vision 2030 by availing opportunities to develop the talents of young Saudis.”

For Mr. Daues, the establishment of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST is a crowning achievement. “I am very thankful to HRH Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for introducing Saudi Vision 2030,” Mr. Daues explained. “The establishment of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST affords us an opportunity to contribute to the Kingdom’s national Transformation Program by encouraging international SMEs to invest in Saudi Arabia and to support international Saudi-based businesses.”

Mr. Daues would like to extend his sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the German Ambassador to Saudi Arabia H.E. Dieter W. Haller and H.E. Awwad Al Awwad, Saudi Ambassador to Germany and recently named Minister of Information and Culture, for their continued support and encouragement, as well as the Saudi investment partners who made the establishment of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST possible. “Today is a momentous day in the history of V-LINE,” Mr. Daues reflected. “It marks the beginning of renewed vision and purpose of V-LINE within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Together, we will achieve our shared aim of realizing the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.”


Founded in 1979 and headquartered near Hannover in Germany, V-LINE offers end-to-end supply chain solutions in 20 different countries primarily in the Middle East, through its branch in Saudi Arabia, and also via its customer service centers the United States of America, Mexico and Brazil.