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In this video podcast, V-LINE GROUP gathered every information provided regarding corona pandemic to give you an understanding of the worldwide activities of our task force.

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The corona pandemic has taken all countries and their governments by surprise, as well as the individual companies. As varied as the impact on the population in daily life was, so was the impact on companies in the various industries and regions. In some regions, production came to a complete stop, and in other areas, the crisis management of the executive management quickly took hold and delays in delivery could almost be avoided.
Since we, as a supply chain service provider, see ourselves responsible for the availability of materials at our customers’ sites, V-LINE GROUP set up a task force at a very early stage, which collected general and local data and verified it with suppliers.
We gathered all this information in this video podcast in which we would like to give you an understanding of the worldwide activities of our task force. We are looking forward to enter a dialogue with you in these difficult times to make the supply chain more reliable.
Our three international experts give insights into their fields of competence and will bring close the general and the supply parts situation in Europe, USA and the logistics sector and draw conclusions on how V-LINE can help to improve your supply chain reliability.

Turgay Temur
Head of Business Development

Molham Shallal
Member – Supply Chain Task Force

Daniel Karnik
Logistics Manager

We look forward to your participation!
Watch the Video Podcast here