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V-LINE EUROPE officially opens the newly reconstructed second floor of HQ in Sehnde

The official opening of the newly reconstructed second floor in the V-LINE EUROPE HQ in Sehnde happened via a digital discovery tour for all employees due to the circumstances. CEO of V-LINE EUROPE Tilman Mieseler, HR Manager Arne Hartmann and Team Lead Christoph Lange who was part of the group to advise on how to reconstruct and set up the new floor to meet the employees’ needs took all V-LINERs with them while touring the floor and explaining the changes and advantages that result from it. The light and open concept was designed to reduce noise and to balance the room climate. But that’s not all: Cooling panels, walls of moss, a flexible working concept and ergonomic working stations throughout the whole floor are also part as are wooden walls, the innovation area with flexible furniture and inscribable walls, the new meeting room and the work cafe with screen. The second floor presents itself in a new and modern look.