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12 participants, 1 year, around 10 events and trainings and a lot of different topics

12 participants, 1 year, around 10 events and trainings and a lot of different topics: This describes best the new people development program “You grow, we grow” that V-LINE EUROPE started this year. It includes topics like New Work, rhetoric, self-reflection, presentation skills and self-organization and focuses on one goal: the development of every attendee both in a professional and personal way. “The training and development of our employees is really important for us. We already offer internal and external trainings, internal coaching options and support extra occupational studies and trainings. But we wanted to do more”, states Frauke Windhausen, Head of People Development at V-LINE EUROPE GmbH. “Our program “You grow, we grow” is our newest element in the people development and gives us and the attendees the possibility to plan a full year of trainings and topics in a fixed program.” Arne Hartmann, Director of Global HR, agrees: “Growth is not only focusing on numbers and projects, it is also strongly connected – if not intertwined – to our employees. We want to support this, among others with “You grow, we grow”.”

The program, having started as a pilot, has already sparked enthusiasm among the participants. Sandra Schmelzer, Management Assistant, says: “For me, the program is highly interesting, exciting and of course challenging at the same time. It is great to be able to make this journey or expedition with the help of experts in a diverse group. In the previous workshops, I was able to learn a lot about my colleagues, but also about myself. What are my strengths and weaknesses? Which methods can I use to be successful and achieve my goals? Overall, I am looking forward to the further course of this program and what we can achieve together as a team.” Jan Daniel Jackel, clerk in the logistics department, agrees completely: “The program is a great chance for us – as single person, but also as a group. We grow as a group, discuss and support each other. The rhetoric training was my highlight so far. The learning effect in this short period of time was really impressive and triggered a new mindset. I really like the program.”

To get hold of one of the 12 spaces also needed a selection process. The team leaders could nominate their employees, a jury of HR and management then decided who will take part in this first flight of “You grow, we grow”. “We know that the interest to participate is high among our employees – which we really like! The life-long learning is something rooted in the V-LINE DNA. Thus, when this group has finished the program beginning of next year, we already look forward to the next round of “You grow, we grow”, explains Arne Hartmann, Director of Global HR. For now, the participants still have some modules open which they are craving for. Jan Daniel Jackel says: “There are plenty of things I am looking forward to: trainings, discussions etc. Most of all, I am excited for that time at the end when doing a “Before-After” regarding our skills and the development of our personality. I think this will be mind-blowing.” Also Frauke Windhausen is happy: “I like the spirit of the group, the initiative and the “I-Want” mentality. So far, the program is as successful as we thought it to be. I am looking forward on what every participant themselves and also the group as a whole will accomplish in the next 9 months of the program.”

Picture: Impressions from the rhetoric training (credits: Torsten Weigel)