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V-LINE has been training new apprentices successfully for almost 20 years now. Recently, V-LINE EUROPE increased its investment further to make vocational training even better.

A wide range of insights into the tasks and responsibilities of different departments and qualified educators are only some of the points that distinguish a good apprenticeship from an excellent one. V-LINE EUROPE recognizes this and has therefore increased the number of educators over the last two years. “It is essential to have well-trained and qualified trainers in every training department. With at least one per department, we have intensified this successfully. However, that was not the only goal with this investment: We extended the variety of the training for our apprentices by appointing more departments as training departments. It means more insight opportunities into more departments,” says Frauke Windhausen, Head of People Development and responsible for vocational training at V-LINE EUROPE. “We are proud to be able to offer such high-quality training and will continue to invest in it. After all, our trainees and dual students are our future and worth every investment.”