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How can digitalization boost localization? German SME V-LINE GROUP shows a way on how an e-commerce solution can stimulate it.

Being strongly connected to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the beginning, V-LINE is happy to support the Vision 2030 with various localization measures. Chairman and Founder Detlef Daues and CEO of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST Hasnain Jamil tell you more about it in the article on Arab News.

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Digitalization boosts localization: E-commerce platform of V-LINE GROUP opens new ways in and for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made us who we are today and granted us opportunities to grow. We are proud that we can give back something to the country, the companies and the people with our knowledge and global network, thus strongly supporting the Vision 2030”, states Detlef Daues, founder and chairman of the V-LINE GROUP. He refers to the company’s history when the global leader in MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) supply started its business in 1979 with supplying spare parts to desalination plants in the Kingdom. Today, for more than 40 years, V-LINE is still deeply connected to Saudi Arabia: Not only having its main clients like SABIC, SWCC, SEC, Maaden, PetroRabigh and Tasnee here, but also an entity headquartered in Jubail with a full trading license to be available on-site and transfer more supply chain knowledge to Saudi Arabia. “V-LINE MIDDLE EAST fully commits and aligns itself with the goals of the Vision 2030. We support clients to localize their business by identifying the local value proposition and its benefit from job creation to expertise knowhow and transfer to quality improvement. We employ Saudi nationals, amongst them many Saudi women, and develop and train them. We give every employee the chance to participate in our employee exchange between the global V-LINE entities to provide opportunities for Saudis expanding their knowledge”, explains Hasnain Jamil, CEO of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST. “These are some of the examples on how we can implement the Vision 2030 in our daily business life.” Another milestone that V-LINE achieved in local content creation was the commitment as international strategic partner in SABIC’s NUSANED program. In this context, V-LINE acts as an ambassador or facilitator to attract foreign manufacturers to invest in the Saudi market, promotes local manufacturing, identifies local demand and the possibility for scaling manufacturing in the Kingdom and supports small and medium-sized Saudi companies to increase their export. Now, V-LINE boosts its measures for localization by intertwining them with the opportunities of digitalization. “V-Marketplace”, an e-commerce platform that V-LINE launched with its technology partner Codasol Technologies, offers a big variety of spare parts for different industry sectors. Hasnain Jamil states: “What makes the platform special is that it not only digitalizes spare parts procurement and sourcing; it also opens up new channels for local exports, thereby increasing them. With the platform, we can connect Saudi companies and their product catalogues with global partners. We maximize local value on both sides; something that is in V-LINE DNA since the beginning, and which makes us really proud!” V-LINE is currently looking to extend their network with partners in the Kingdom to be able to offer more and more localized content, both to their established clients as well as through the platform. Jamil concludes: “We are always happy to exchange with potential partners to create synergies, with one goal: to help our customers fulfill their mission.”

Picture: Milestone for local content creation: V-LINE becomes strategic partner in SABIC’s NUSANED program in 2019 (Picture: V-LINE EUROPE GmbH).