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On Monday, more than 100 V-LINERs gathered to enjoy food, drinks and ice cream

More than 100 V-LINERs supplied with drinks and grilled food by the executive team in (almost) summer weather: After more than 2 years, we finally gathered again in the backyard of our headquarters to enjoy a spontaneously organized summer BBQ. The background: The management wanted to say thanks to all employees for the good figures that were achieved in the last months. Simone Reinhold, Executive Assistant to the CEO and member of the Executive board, sums up: “It was fun for us to grill (CEO of V-LINE EUROPE Tilman Mieseler can be seen on the picture) and serve drinks for our colleagues. But the best was of course to finally meet again in person after such a long time. This creates a desire for more!”

CEO of V-LINE EUROPE Tilman Mieseler grilling for the employees

A small glimpse on some of the colleagues, already served with drinks.