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Vending machines, gloves and cordless screwdrivers: Our new partner IVM Micrologistics visits V-LINE EUROPE in the course of its roadshow and presents three vending machines for industrial use.

Normally, such vending machines are placed directly where they are needed: in production halls, next to working stations or in warehouses, thus shortening walking distances and saving valuable resources. They can be placed anywhere thanks to the uncomplicated installation and connectivity via Wifi, LAN, 4G and modem.

Our new partner IVM Micrologistics is a manufacturer of industrial vending machines, located in Hungary and Germany, making last meter logistics of C-parts, PPE, medical supplies, or ICT tools and equipment easier, smoother, and more traceable. Their vending machines are powered by SaveLog, IVM’s proprietary software. It allows the user to manage the core database (including employees, user database, access rights, configuration, notifications, alerts, reports) as well as operating the different functions (vend, swap, return, rent/share. etc.).

To their roadshow they brought their flagship SavePro2, the SaveSpring and SaveReturn. Using these three vending machines, International Sales Director René Thielsch explained the dispensing, renting/sharing, and return functions. The many advantages are virtually obvious: 24/7 availability, 100% transparency, immediate cost savings, as fewer goods are consumed thanks to the SaveReturn, and the intuitive operation, to name just a few. Norbert Aretz, Warehouse Supervisor at V-LINE EUROPE, had the opportunity to try out the vending machines. “These vending machines for industrial use are basically just like our candy vending machine at V-LINE, only with more functions and possibilities. The operation is easy and intuitive.”

We offer IVM Vending Machines in the context of our service “Vending Machines as a Service”, assuring 24/7 availability, full consumption transparency and easy operation. Do you recognize a value add to you? Get in touch with us.