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Exams successfully passed

It is a day to celebrate: Apprenticeship Manager and HR Generalist Isabelle Hutschenreuter, as well as CEO Tilman Mieseler, congratulate the apprentices on their successful graduation in wholesale and foreign trade management.

V-LINE EUROPE is an international leader in MRO spare parts procurement services with headquarters in Sehnde near Hanover and more than 150 employees on site and around 250 worldwide. The company maintains its 100% takeover rate: with the former apprentices Armand Niemietz and Cedric Beck, the V-LINE family retains two valuable employees. Isabelle Hutschenreuter accompanied the two apprentices on their way to graduation and comes to a positive conclusion today: “We support our apprentices based on the concept ‘Our goal: Your takeover’. I am therefore very pleased that we were able to take on both of them as permanent employees again this year.” V-LINE has great confidence in the potential and abilities of its junior staff. They take on responsibility early and for example, can independently manage the Instagram channel and implement their own ideas and creative potential. But they also have a qualified partner at their side at all times: In each department internal trainers support them with words and deeds.

Tilman Mieseler sees the apprentices who have completed their training at V-LINE EUROPE in an excellent position: “I am very pleased that we are able to motivate young people to join our company every year. Through our vocational training, the apprentices get to know the company in great detail and can build up a good network during this time. Both form the ideal basis for a strong working relationship.” Armand Niemietz also liked the team spirit right from the start and found at V-LINE everything that was important to him for his apprenticeship: “I am very interested in economics and trade and wanted to work in an international business environment. V-LINE offered me the additional training to become an European business management assistant, which included an internship abroad. There I was able to further improve my English skills and expand my professional experience in a new cultural environment.” Armand and his apprentice colleague Cedric Beck had difficult conditions during their vocational training due to the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, Cedric looks back with satisfaction: “Despite the pandemic, my apprenticeship was very organized and well structured. Even after talking to other apprentices at the vocational school and studying friends, it quickly became clear that V-LINE does an outstanding amount for its apprentices. The team spirit between the V-LINE apprentices is also remarkable – I was able to make new friends during the apprenticeship.”

After 2.5 years of training, Armand Niemietz and Cedric Beck are taking the next step on the career path: From now on, they will be working as purchasing and sales clerks and will be supporting their own customers all over the world. V-LINE EUROPE is also looking for new apprentices this year who want to start their career at V-LINE and grow together with the company. There are still vacancies for the start of the apprenticeship in August 2023.


Picture: Happy faces: Tilman Mieseler (left) and Isabelle Hutschenreuter (right) congratulate Cedric Beck (middle left) and Armand Niemietz.