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Vending machines provide industrial consumables & MRO parts to the end users directly where they are needed: in the production area.

Industrial and petrochemical company TASNEE and supply chain solutions provider V-LINE GROUP have officially inaugurated the first pilot service project for industrial vending machines in Saudi Arabia at TASNEE’s facility in Yanbu recently. These vending machines provide industrial consumables & MRO parts to the end users directly where they are needed: in the production area. Thus, stock outs and travel times to warehouses are eliminated while ensuring last mile delivery and guaranteeing 24/7 availability of parts.

“We are very happy to inaugurate this pilot project of vending machines here at TASNEE’s facility in Yanbu”, said Tilman Mieseler, CEO of the V-LINE GROUP. “Industrial vending machines offer many benefits for process & manufacturing industries, e.g. cost reduction, less material consumption, and increased productivity. It is an entirely new way of procuring parts.” The V-LINE GROUP, together with its partner IVM Micrologistics, set up the 3 drum vending machines with 5 connected tool dispensers, presented the removal processes and trained the TASNEE end users on utilizing the machines with its features and functions accordingly. “The operational aspect is very user friendly, and we have customized solutions based on our client’s requirements,” explains Turgay Temur, Head of Business Development at V-LINE.

TASNEE has recognized the benefits of vending machines and has ventured on this pilot project together with V-LINE. “The relationship between TASNEE & V-LINE is a long standing one, and TASNEE values the partnership with V-LINE. TASNEE has always been a frontrunner in adopting new technologies and innovating processes in the supply chain. This initiative is aligned with our core values of excellence in the processes and is closer to our strategy of pursuing ambitious opportunities, optimizing stakeholders’ return, contributing to industrialization, and operating at high standards of agility, efficiency, sustainability and innovation,” says Turki Al-Johani, Chief Procurement Officer at TASNEE.

Hasnain Jamil, Chief Executive Officer of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST, sums up: “This initiative is part of V-LINE’s contribution towards Saudi Vision 2030 by introducing innovative technology to the Kingdom and facilitating our customers’ journey towards procurement process automation. In line with V-LINE’s vision of strengthening partnerships with our clients, we believe that such a collaborative project will bring more transparency and trust into the ecosystem, and we are very proud to implement this first ever project with our valued partner TASNEE in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”


Picture: At the inauguration of the pilot service project of industrial vending machines at TASNEE’s facility: Turki Al-Johani, Chief Procurement Officer at TASNEE (fourth from left) next to CEO of V-LINE GROUP Tilman Mieseler and Hasnain Jamil, CEO of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST.