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What a milestone for our COO Niklas Rosocha: He is now 100 days in his new position.

Having started on January 1, 2024, he has settled into his new role. We spoke with him on this occasion.


Niklas, how do you describe your first 100 days as COO and what was your most memorable experience in this time?

For me, this phase was characterized by a lot of learning and understanding of our customers, our processes, and our challenges – although I am with V-LINE for almost 9 years already. It has been a very intense, exciting, and fast-moving time through all the decisions that could be made. Still, one situation stood out: It was the company-wide presentation and communication of the further course of our transformation process – very exciting!

What fascinates you the most?

I really enjoy the variety of tasks and working together with so many different stakeholders like the management team, employees, customers and external partners. In general, I like the opportunity to have a positive impact on the organization and the employees and developing solutions for complex issues together with the team. Every day, I am fascinated of how much you can learn through cooperation and different perspectives! I also like to experience the dynamics, developments and changes in the world of business.

What is the most important thing that you have taken with you? What have you learned?

In my new role, I really grasped the meaning of open and timely communication, and how important teamwork is. We can only reach our goals through open exchange and cooperation.

Which goals have you set and reached already?

My first and foremost goal was to understand the complexity of all departments as well as the challenges and problems of my employees, of which I would say I have a good overview now.

A key concern for me is to manage the transformation process optimally inhouse, and to involve the employees in a manner that they understand the need of it and actively become part of the process. The transformation is an element to reach the company’s and my goals in the context of quality, efficiency, and productivity. In a competitive environment, it is essential to let our customers and partners feel and experience our value add and our services. For now and the future, I am eager to foster a company culture that allows every employee to actively shape the future of V-LINE. This is the only way to grow together: with our employees, with our customers and with our partners.

These first 100 days motivated me even more and I am really looking forward to all the new experiences, learnings and milestones that await me and us!