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 A true milestone for the whole V-LINE GROUP

“We are very honored by the visit of Her Excellency Mariam Almheiri and His Excellency Ahmed Alattar heading a UAE delegation to our headquarters in Sehnde”, Founder and Chairman of V-LINE GROUP Detlef Daues warmly welcomed the delegation at V-LINE GROUP in Sehnde near Hanover, Germany. “This visit is truly a milestone for the whole V-LINE GROUP.” After the warm welcome, Daues and CEO of V-LINE GROUP Tilman Mieseler shared the experience of our long-lasting partnership with UAE, how V-LINE is adding value to Maintenance, Repair and Operations for their industrial plants, and how to establish a more resilient and reliable digital MRO supply chain. Mieseler states: “It was a great discussion, and we highly appreciate the opportunity to exchange about our ideas.” During the meeting, the participants further elaborated on V-LINE’s new services using AI and machine learning. “We could show how we use data and advanced data analytics, machine learning and generative AI to become more efficient in our business processes. This is something that we as an SME are very proud of,” explains Mieseler. He resumes: “We thank Her Excellency Mariam Almheiri, His Excellency Ahmed Alattar and the UAE delegation for their visit, the discussion and valuable feedback.”

Group picture of the participants around HE Mariam Almheiri (middle right) and HE Ahmed Alattar (behind her on the right) and Detlef Daues (middle left) and Tilman Mieseler (behind him left) from V-LINE GROUP.

A warm welcome: (from left) HE Ahmed Alattar, HE Mariam Almheiri, Tilman Mieseler and Detlef Daues

Fruitful exchange between the participants