Health, Safety,
Environment & Quality

Our principles

Integrity Openness Diversity Trust Ecological Sustainability

We believe that our responsibility goes beyond complying with the law. Therefore, we set high standards for ourselves and stand up for our fundamental principles with integrity. We focus on fairness in the business environment as well as in interaction with our fellow human beings, promote openness and diversity, place trust and support ecological sustainability. To consistently live our values in our corporate practice, it is essential for us to plan preventively, implement measures, monitor effectiveness and react to new demands (Plan – Do – Check – Act). We are convinced that this is how we ensure future-oriented and sustainably successful actions.

Legal & compliance

As responsibly acting company compliance with legal regulations represents the basis of every activity for us.

We protect the privacy and data of our employees, business partners and third parties (Privacy Policy).

Human rights

We recognize fundamental human rights and pursue the principles of diversity and equality. For us, this includes the equal treatment of all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, ideology, disability, age and sexual identity.

Fair working conditions

We strictly prohibit any form of human trafficking, slave labor, child labor and other forms of forced and compulsory labor. Undeclared work also has no place with us. We comply with the legal requirements regarding working hours and the remuneration of our employees. We provide safe and healthy working conditions and equipment for all our employees, comply with all applicable health, safety and hygiene regulations and conduct appropriate safety training.

Integrity of our business activities

We are committed to working against corruption, bribery and extortion. Entering into conflicts of interest and giving, promising or accepting gifts or other benefits by our employees is strictly prohibited. We conduct our business in accordance with the principles of fair competition and antitrust law.  We maintain the confidentiality of our business partners’ information and recognize third party intellectual property rights. Proper documentation of business records prevents misuse and money laundering.

Sustainability & environmental protection

We work together to preserve the environment by complying with environmental regulations and using resources responsibly.

Social responsibility

For us, taking responsibility means not only being active at the corporate level, but also going beyond this to improve the general welfare of people and the environment. Thus, we support regional sport associations and non-profit organizations in realizing social projects and encourage international initiatives of Welthungerhilfe (World Hunger Aid), one of Germany’s biggest private organizations for development and humanitarian aid. More information on our social responsibility can be found in our Healthy Safety Environment Policy.

Customs and foreign trade law

Due to our international business activities, it is essential for us to comply with the latest national and international regulations on customs and foreign trade law. This includes, for example, compliance with embargoes, sanctions list checks to combat terrorism, and control of goods lists. The processes of functioning export compliance are summarized in our Internal Compliance Program Export Policy.

Responsibility along the supply chain

To ensure that these principles are also applied along the supply chain, we make a point of ensuring that all our current and potential suppliers adhere to the same principles. Our requirements for them can be found in our Supplier Responsibility Policy.

// Whistleblower System

In order to ensure sustainable compliance with our group-wide Code of Conduct, we have created a Whistleblower System that enables employees, business partners and third parties to report any indications of improper behavior to a central function within the company. Please contact us if you notice anything unusual or problematic and report a (possible) violation of applicable law or internal regulations here.