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V-LINE EUROPE GmbH launched a brand new workshop for Saudi female applicants in Jubail on 7th and 8th Feb. 2016. The seminar was developed to help Saudi women overcome the most challenging issues in cross-border business.

Al Jubail, 02/29/2016

The workshop „Success Secrets for Saudi Women in Business“ provides the applicants with a deep insight in the V-LINE Group of companies, in requirements on female employees working for a German employer and in intercultural issues.

The two-day educational and motivational program addressed four critical issues for Saudi women in international business: Communication, self-development, culture and leadership.
V-LINE has also contracted Nisrine Haidar, a successful Arab-German woman entrepreneur to share her “Success Secrets” with participants and motivate them to shape and achieve their own career goals.

The workshop was followed by interview sessions to identify potential talents who would join the V-LINE family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Three vacant positions had to be filled.
The combination of workshop and interview sessions turns out to be ideal to get to know each other quite well. The management had an excellent opportunity to shortlist three candidates and the whole V-LINE Family is looking forward to welcoming the first female employees in May 2016.

“As we feel responsible for contributing to the employment environment in the Kingdom, we are already successful in identifying, training and encouraging Saudi talents”, Detlef Daues, CEO of V-LINE EUROPE GmbH said. “We have hired Saudis in V-LINE offices around the world and the next step is to employ and offer career development opportunities to the highly educated Saudi females for mutual benefit for both sides.”