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  • 2020

    The second floor of the HQ in Sehnde has been reconstructed. With the open and light concept, cooling panels, walls of moss, the innovation area with flexible furniture, the new meeting room and the work cafe with screen, the second floor presents itself in a new and modern look. More information

  • Hasnain Jamil

    V-LINE MIDDLE EAST undergoes leadership transformation: Hasnain Jamil takes over the role as new CEO of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST from Shahzad Haider. More information

  • SH-Tools.

    V-LINE becomes shareholder in SH-Tools. SH-Tools GmbH offers with ToolBox 4.0 a smart all-round solution for digital seamless monitoring of industrial plants, to use the resulting measured values for preventive maintenance and to digitalize the complete unit. More Information

  • Smart Software und V-LINE GROUP

    Smart Software and V-LINE GROUP Establish Strategic Partnership. V-LINE to offer Smart Inventory Planning & Operations Software as part of total MRO supply chain solution. More information

  • 2019

    Tilman Mieseler

    First new CEO since the founding of the company in 1989: Starting November 1, Tilman Mieseler takes over from Detlef Daues who steps up to chairman of the V-LINE GROUP. More information

  • V-LINE 30/40 Logo

    V-LINE looks back on 40 successful years in the MRO business and 30 years as V-LINE. A user conference with customers and partners from all over the world and a big anniversary party happen in Hannover, Germany. More information


    V-LINE becomes international strategic partner in SABIC’s NUSANED initiative. V-LINE will be the international strategic partner for local manufacturing, holding the role as prequalification authority for NUSANED based on its 40 years of business experience in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, V-LINE will identify local demand and the possibility for scaling manufacturing beyond KSA. Thus, V-LINE will support small and medium size Saudi companies to increase exports. Also, in a joint team of V-LINE and SABIC representatives possible future synergies will be discussed, binding V-LINE and SABIC in a promising strategic partnership. More information


    The strategic partnership with Codasol manifests itself in the establishment of the division V-TECH CODA. It is the starting point for innovative services for the digitalized world that V-LINE now provides to its customers. The slogan "Data is key" describes the services like Master Data Management, Data Cleansing and more.

  • Prinz Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud und Detlef Daues

    Detlef Daues meets the new Saudi ambassador in Germany, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud.

  • 2017

    Gründung von V-LINE MIDDLE EAST in Saudi Arabien mit vollständiger Handelslizenz

    June: Establishment of V-LINE MIDDLE EAST in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a full trading license. The investment will contribute to create hundred new jobs. This development marks one of the largest investments from a foreign Small and Medium-Size Enterprise (SME) in Saudi Arabia and one that advances the goals of a robust and diversified economy of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. More information


    To help customers to fulfill their mission

    The future will be digital and it was our aim to not forget where we come from but appreciate our mutual work we started end of 2015. We created a new vision and mission statement and selected our values integrity, ownership, passion and innovation to be the foundation of our daily business.

    The future will be new value propositions and it was the aim to display the blue V-LINE interface, the V-LINE DNA in the center clear and modern as the network for fast communication.

    Flexible, light, dynamic, competent and innovative - connecting three nodes by efficiently weaving through the network.This all swings in the 2017 edition of the V-LINE logo. Nevertheless the trust people, customers, suppliers relate to V-LINE should be still visible; we connect, interface, create solutions and take responsibilities.

  • Workshop

    V-LINE launched a workshop for Saudi female applicants - helping Saudi women overcome the most challenging issues in cross-border business. Next to German colleagues who accompanied the two days, also Nisrine Haidar, a successful Arab-German woman entrepreneur, shared her “Success Secrets” with the participants. More information

  • 2016

    Der Botschafter von Saudi Arabien besucht den V-LINE Firmenhauptsitz in Sehnde

    October: Visit of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the HQ in Sehnde that showcases the success story of the German SME in the Saudi business context. More information

  • V-LINE nimmt am Janadriyah Festival teil

    February: Participation at the Janadriyah Festival, the 30th National Heritage and Culture Festival. The V-LINE booth is highly frequented by visitors who want to find out more about the similarities between Arabia and Germany in an exciting and entertaining way. More information

  • 2015

    Kreation der V-LINE Mission, Vision und Werte

    The customercentric vision manifests itself: Launch of the V-LINE Mission, Vision and Values which are still driving us today More Information

  • 2014

    V-LINE employees

    V-LINE EUROPE GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary. At headquarters in Sehnde from 2009 to 2014, the number of employees has been significantly increased while revenue has almost doubled to Euro 150 million.

  • 2012

    First Initial Spare Parts Project in the V-LINE company’s history, realized with the customer Ma’aden Aluminium, Saudi Arabia. This extends and deepens the business partnership with the Ma'aden company. Within only eight months, a purchase volume of USD 30 million was achieved in the worldwide network of suppliers.

  • Strategic investment in the future: SAP Go Live! Increased efficiency of business processes through interface solutions with customers, suppliers and service providers.

  • V-LINE logistics centre

    Inauguration of the new warehouse extension for the existing logistics centre. With the new building, the entire storage area amounts to approximately 3,000 square metres; the existing capacity has been more than doubled. The use of complex handling and storage technology enables optimal configuration of warehouse processes, shortening of processing times and the creation of additional value-added solutions for customers.

  • Entrepreneur des Jahres

    V-LINE CEO Detlef Daues is awarded „Entrepreneur of the Year“ by the prestigious accounting firm Ernst & Young.

  • 2009

    Abdul Rahman A-Hussayen

    March: Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman A-Hussayen, Saudi Arabia Minister for Water and Electricity Industry in the Kingdom ofSaudi Arabia, travels on to Sehnde after his participation at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul for business talks withV-LINE management.

  • Zwanzig - Dreißig

    Celebrating our anniversary "Twenty-Thirty" 30 years of business in MRO, 20 years as V-LINE with a big event and international guests.

  • 2008


    Begin of V-LINE SAUDI ARABIA LTD: On October 1, 2008 the entity is founded to be close to customers and be on-site. Shahzad Haider is managing director.

  • 2007

    V-LINE Academy

    Founding of V-LINE Academy for continuous training for V-LINE employees to best serve our customers.

  • 2006

    Zentrale in Sehnde

    The Dieselstraße warehouse of our HQ in Sehnde is successfully reorganised into a logistics centre and creates 30 new jobs.

  •  Cui Tao

    Founding of V-LINE CHINA: Building up the business in China, Cui Tao, representative on-site, tells, "I remember the first visiting to Baosteel at which we were welcomed at a very high level. The meeting lasted for over two hours, with friendly communications throughout. All of us were so excited and delighted. Later, we got the first inquiry from Baosteel, which started our business at this significant customer. This was also the beginning of V-LINE’s business in China."

  • 2004

    SABIC Outstanding Supplier Award

    V-LINE receives SABIC Outstanding Supplier Award for first time, a begin of a long-term partnership that has been extended over the years.

  • 2002

    Peter Knakowski

    Introduction of first generation change in V-LINE history: John Goldsmith, one of the US pioneers, instructs Peter Knakowski.

  • 1999

    Mauricio Ruiz

    Founding of V-LINE do BRASIL: the optimal solution for the Brazilian market. Mauricio Ruiz tells about the beginnings in Brazil, "After discussing the market situation and how business really works in Brazil - personal relations are really appreciated - we came to a point that if V-LINE wanted to grow in this market, we would need a local presence; so we started a partnership.One year after this partnership started we realized that we show to the customers how to reduce the total MRO process costs- which is V-LINE expertise - due to the fact that each and every company only looks in to the material value and not in the total process cost"

  • V-LINE at fair in Orlando

    After having developed V-WARE™, the virtual warehouse solution for ordering spare parts via internet, in 1998, the official start is roughly a year later on the first international fair in Orlando, Florida/USA.

  • 1997

    Gonzalo Espidio

    Founding of V-LINE MEXICO with Gonzalo Espidio as contact person on-site. He talks about V-LINE, "Something that I find excellent is how V-LINE takes care of their customers’ needs. We strive to meet their expectations with quickness, excellent service and quality in our process."

  • 1995

    Detlef Daues attends the OPM 26-class at the Harvard Business School, Boston/USA (HBS) with graduation in 1998. OPM stands for Owner-President-Management and is a resident executive program for mid-career owners and managers. The personal collaboration with Professor Benson Shapiro has a major influence on V-LINE development and realignment: MRO Supply - from a trading house to a service provider will be the new business model.

  • 1989


    We started 1989 under V-LINE Export Marketing; today we would say a spin off start up from Varioline with 12 colleagues and a dream - to participate in the boom of the Middle East.“We connect markets” was our slogan and the logo displayed a puzzle, with us being the blue interface.It was the birth of our service idea to add value to the relation between manufacturers and industrial plants through convenience, relationship, resources and fair pricing.

  • 1986

    John Goldsmith

    Founding of Varioline Spare Parts Services Inc. USA, Eatontown/New Jersey, now V-LINE USA. John Goldsmith tells about the beginnings of V-LINE in the USA,". I still remember the deliveryman delivering heavy printing press parts for Russia to my home. All my sales were to Varioline at that time. In later years, we sold directly to the customers. Varioline rented space in a new industrial park and then things began to grow."

  • 1984


    Erection of the warehouse in Dieselstraße, Sehnde near Hannover; the location where V-LINE is still headquartered today.

  • 1983

    Nishihara S. Hahn

    Partnership formed with Nishihara S. Hahn, owner of EXIM RISSIN, enables the delivery of Japanese spare parts to V-LINE's customers in Saudi Arabia; later being the procurement hub for V-LINE in Japan.

  • 1982

    Shahzad Haider

    Shahzad Haider takes on as Sales representative for Varioline office in Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah.

  • 1981

    Detlef Daues und Klaus Menzel

    Merger of Hacap Impex, Alpha Metall and Varioline under the name Varioline Handelsgesellschaft mbH. Managers and partners are Lothar Röhl, Norbert Wolf, Rolf Tönnies and Detlef Daues. Klaus Menzel, formerly responsible for stainless steel trading at Alpha Metall, transfers to spare parts processing for Saudi Arabia and Oman.

  • 1980

    Shahzad Haider, Anderten, Seine Exzellenz Abdullah Al Hussayen

    V-LINE becomes an important partner for Saline Water Conversion

    His Excellency Abdullah Al Hussayen reports on the first business contacts and the expansion of the partnership with V-LINE. The transformation from local agents to foreign manufacturers was supported by V-LINE, "Suppliers like V-LINE [...] did some very important functions. They had the ability to identify more sources of supply [... and] also dealing with manufactures locally in their own territory was much easier. These were very important functions and it contributed [...] that we could check that prices we were paying are fair. (Interview with Shahzad Haider, CEO V-LINE MIDDLE EAST)

  • Ehemalige Kissenfabrik, Anderten, Hannover

    Varioline has its first HQ: A former box factory in the Hannover district of Anderten is leased.

  • 1979

    On February 8, the Varioline Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Hannover-Anderten, was founded. Its company object were spare parts supplies for industrial plant, for example in USSR; from 1981 also in Saudi Arabia. Managing directors were Lothar Röhl and Detlef Daues.

  • 1978

    Erster Besuch in KSA

    First Visit in KSA: The foundation stone for a successful business

    Detlef Daues first came to Saudi Arabia 40 years ago and was quickly captivated by the country and its culture. It was 1978, just two years after the Kingdom announced the formation of SABIC. Jubail was still emerging from the desert and the Yanbu seaport was beginning to transform a fishing village into an industrial hotspot.

    A 24-year-old working for a Sarstedt firm that supplied spare parts to German sugar factories and Saudi desalination plants, Daues spotted an opportunity in the emerging Saudi industries for spare parts. Helped by a loan from his parents, a few associates and a telex machine, he launched V-LINE. Over the next 30 years, industrial growth in the Kingdom was dynamic.

  • 1976

    Founding of Hacap Impex

    The Hacap Impex Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Garbsen near Hannover, was founded. Its Company object was the import of stainless steel semi-finished products from Scandinavia and South Korea, managing director was Detlef Daues. Distribution in Germany was handled by partner company alpha Metall GmbH, Garbsen.