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Education - the basis for sustainable development

In overcoming hunger and poverty, access and quality of education play a fundamental role. Education is a basic prerequisite for sustainable development, because educational disadvantage causes poverty and barriers to education rob opportunities for the future. Education has a positive effect on social advancement and prevents intergenerational poverty. World Hunger Aid's educational work is aimed at children, adolescents and adults. In addition to school education, it also includes vocational training, further education, literacy, political education and the training of multipliers. Only if people learn abilities, skills and competences on their own, is a sustainable improvement of their life situation possible. And only the responsible citizen is in a position to form his or her own opinion and to organize himself or herself to represent his or her own rights and interests towards authorities.

Project in Mali

Mobile schools for boys and girls

Many boys and girls cannot attend a village school, because as nomads they move from one community to another with their families in search of pasture grounds and water for their animals. That is why World Hunger Aid has been funding the organization of mobile schools since 2007; it supports the initial and further training of teachers and equips the wandering classrooms with materials.

The teachers hike

At each new campsite, the communities provide at least one tent or hut for lessons. The teachers move with the pupils. In this way, the children can combine their lifestyle with a good school education and get perspective for a better future. Since World Hunger Aid has also been offering literacy courses for parents, they have become more aware of the importance of education for their children. Since more and more children are attending these schools, the charity organization plans to expand the number of mobile schools. This will give many hundreds of children access to education and a better future.

The Education Initiative

The aim of this initiative is to support proven and new approaches in design and execution of projects, to implement specific sustainable measures and to try out innovative concepts. In addition, work results will be collected and evaluated in order to make knowledge available between World Hunger Aid, its partner organizations and other stakeholders. By supporting the Water Initiative, funds are used where they are most urgently needed - even in regions that are not in the public eye. Further information on this and other projects can be found on World Hunger Aid’s website.