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From the Beginning until Now

Detlef Daues established V-LINE EUROPE GmbH in the late seventies to participate in the industrial surge of Saudi Arabia. He then moved to the Kingdom where he spent several years striving to identify what value a very small German trading company could create for the country. These efforts led to the idea that supporting operations and maintenance of state-of-the-art new industrial plants could be a niche market, and it indeed was. It still is, and V-LINE has since that time developed into a group of companies employing more than 200 people worldwide with nearly 150 Million Euro of Revenues.

Worldwide Supply Chain Solutions

Today, V-LINE EUROPE GmbH is headquartered near Hannover in Germany, offers end-to-end supply chain solutions in 20 different countries primarily in the Middle East, through its Saudi Arabia subsidiary, and also via its customer service centers in other GCC countries, the USA, Mexico and Brazil.

Managing Global MRO Complexity

V-LINE sourcing and procurement centers in Germany, the USA, China, Japan and Korea offer industrial plants in all its markets an integrated set of services tailored to lowering their total cost of ownership for their foreign maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) spare parts while meeting the highest global standards of supply performance.

V-LINE’s tailor-made portfolio of procurement services facilitates the spare parts flow from order until delivery by managing its complexity using modern IT and allowing for systems integration with suppliers, logistics providers and the receiving customer plants.

V-LINE offers initial spare parts

Over time, V-LINE has developed and maintained long-term relations to blue-chip customers with activities in various sectors in the gulf region, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including petrochemicals, power & utilities, minerals & mining and automotive. V-LINE has also extended its service offering to include supply chain solutions for the “initial spare part supply” segment as well as for the aftermarket segment.

A unique Service

V-LINE’s focus on cross-border end-to-end maintenance, repair, and operations supply chains provides a missing link between spare parts demand in several markets and equipment vendors all around the world. These equipment vendors or manufacturers often face multiple challenges when trying to expand their business into these promising growth regions. Hence, V-LINE provides them with a comprehensive range of services which reduce their cost of selling: Given the Group’s proprietary logistics warehouses in Europe, North America and Asia, vendors can sell their spare parts in domestic transactions, while V-LINE takes care of potential currency risks as well as other export-related issues such as transit financing, regulatory compliance, export packaging.