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Parts Data Enhancement  
GlossaryOur parts data enhancement service aims to help industrial customers improve the quality of their spare parts data to avoid unnecessary costs that result from discrepancies in descriptions  
Initial Spare Parts Provisioning  
For newly built plants or new production lines, to bridge often occurring gaps between construction, commissioning, start-up and operations phases and ensure a smooth transition, we offer industrial  
Spare Parts Procurement  
Industrial plants spare parts demand comprises a lifecycle of needs for initial, emergency and regular operating spare parts. Procurement of these parts has often been linked to high costs,  
Logistics Solutions  
As part of our logistics services, any order is proactively expedited and the transport of parts coordinated to one of our consolidation centers around the world. Consistent communication and  
Inventory Optimization  
We offer our customers spare parts inventory optimization solutions ranging from vendor managed inventory and consignment stocks to shared warehouses. It comes with our commitment to better  
GlossaryV-LINE: #1 IN SERVICES WORLDWIDEContactSpare Parts Procurement V-LINE ensures on-time delivery of goods to customers all over the world addressing their needs for real-time orders  
Why V-LINE  
In the complex world of end-to-end maintenance, repair and operations, spare parts procurement and logistics, over four decades V-LINE has garnered unique know-how, expertise and success stories  
V-LINE Profile  
New Corporate DesignGlossaryContactFrom the Beginning until NowDetlef Daues established V-LINE EUROPE GmbH in the late seventies to participate in the industrial surge of Saudi Arabia. He  
On-Site Material Data Survey  
With our on-site service, customers can achieve significant cost avoidance and savings along their entire procurement supply chain. We assist industrial customers in identifying individual spare  
The challenges and needs of our customers are constantly changing. Thereby we are continuously developing our services further. This progress is now reflected in our new website and a new logo.  
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