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Insulcon was founded in 1980 and is one of the leading companies in the field of high temperature solutions with more than 100 high temperature materials (up to 1600°C), including Wearflex® fabric expansion joints, Refrex® heat shields, dynamic seals and other fabric, ceramic and low biopersistent fibre products and more. The Insulcon Group offers its global customers the highest quality, customised products, generally available direct from stock, as well as service and support. Today, the InsulconGroup includes companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland and has representatives worldwide. Website Insulcon

V-LINE represents and supports the company Insulcon in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For service and spare parts requirements, please contact V-LINE MIDDLE EAST or our Headquarters directly:

Chamber of Commerce Building - 4th Floor
Al Fanateer, Jubail 11431 – 1454
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
E-mail: insulcon v-line com
Phone: +966 (13) 3479018
Fax: +966 (13) 3479014


Borsigring 11
31319 Sehnde
E-mail: insulcon v-line com
Tel: +49 5138 7008 75
Fax: +49 5138 7008 61