Indirect purchasing and its effect on your bottom line.


Indirect procurement is equally as valuable as direct procurement but doesn’t usually get managed in the same strategic way. It includes costs such as maintaining/repairing equipment, buying office supplies or acquiring services. It doesn’t add to your bottom line, yet it is fundamental to keeping your day-to-day business operating. Companies who take a strategic approach to their indirect procurement soon realize it can help reduce the negative effect it has on your profits. V-LINE understands the importance of optimizing indirect expenditures and can take over your complete indirect purchasing to help you run your business more smoothly.

Helping you improve your profitability and productivity.

An indirect purchasing strategy developed by V-LINE and based on an established, structured und standardized process will have a significantly positive effect on guaranteeing your day-to-day operations, increasing your overall procurement quality and reducing your total cost of ownership. We will be able to negotiate better direct pricing and overall terms to improve your profitability, cash flow and productivity in both direct and indirect functions. Plus, the ability to analyze real-time data will help you make better-informed decisions, resulting in many advantages: less risk of working with new vendors, quicker onboarding processes, easier and safer payment processing, reduced cycle times, greater visibility into your category spend and increased efficiencies to help you reduce overall costs. It can also provide insights into opportunities, potential areas for savings, and alert you to liabilities that need getting under control before they hurt your business.

What you get:

  • A tailor-made indirect purchasing strategy
  • Optimized indirect expenditures
  • Better negotiated rates
  • Real-time data and greater visibility into your category spend

Your benefits:

  • Greater profitability
  • More optimized, smoother-running business
  • Fewer vendor-related risks
  • Greater control over liabilities

Do you want to get started?

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Head of Business Development
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