A large supplier base costs you more than you think.


Procurement is well known for doing business with too many different suppliers, and often only for one-time purchases. This means managing thousands of individual contracts, investing a lot of time keeping in contact with each vendor and spending hours setting up new vendor accounts. Maintaining this supplier database is time-consuming and expensive. And as supplier numbers grow, you face a number of potential problems, namely the prices going up, information sharing becoming more complex, higher costs for contract negotiation, management, and process execution and having reduced bargaining power caused by lower order volumes.

Supplier base reduction means less becomes more.

With V-LINE’s Supplier Reduction, we help shrink your supply base by reducing the number of active suppliers you work with. This way we can streamline your organization’s spend to fewer suppliers and drive better value from these relationships. By reducing your supplier base, you increase your purchasing power. By allocating more resources to fewer suppliers, you can receive better prices for the products you purchase. You will also see an overall reduction in freight, handling and other related shipping fees too. Let us take over your entire spare parts procurement today. And reduce your hundreds or thousands of suppliers and manufacturer contacts to just one: V-LINE.

What you get:

  • Reduced supplier base
  • More resources allocated to fewer suppliers
  • One creditor instead of thousands
  • Reduction in time spent dealing with vendors

Your benefits:

  • Increased purchasing power
  • Better prices for your purchases
  • Reduction in freight and handling costs
  • Save up to 21% in costs, productivity and effectiveness

Do you want to get started?

Turgay Temur

Head of Business Development
+49 5138 7008 15

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