Preventing machine downtime.


Unplanned machine failures can be costly to your business. When you’re being relied upon to deliver, you simply can’t afford to let your customers down. Condition monitoring is the first step towards predictive maintenance, and we have partnered with SH-Tools to offer industrial and machine digitalization to remove the guesswork from machine monitoring. This helps you minimize downtime, reduce operating and maintenance costs and optimize your complete maintenance strategy.

The latest data at
your fingertips.

Using the latest machine-wear detection software, we are able to constantly monitor the status of your machines to give you the latest digital health data. We digitalize physical measurement data of sub-assembly units within your industry via web applications. All data is securely transferred to and stored in the cloud and the freely-configurable ToolBox 4.0 is able to process almost all physical measured variables. We offer an open system with one rest API. And complete decentralized, all-in-one data collection for optimum, preventive maintenance.


What you get:

  • Visible end of life cycles
  • The first step towards predictive maintenance
  • The freely-configurable ToolBox 4.0 is able to process almost all physical measured variables and offers an open system with one rest API. See picture below:

Main benefits:

  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Minimization of your downtime costs
  • Avoidance of unplanned machine failures
  • Uninterrupted monitoring 24/7
  • Data transfer to secure cloud
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs
  • Optimization of maintenance strategy
  • Increase of planning reliability
  • Simple user interface
  • Machine wear detection
  • Alarm when limit values are exceeded
  • Active maintenance calendar (based on machine running times)
  • Digital documentation
  • Your customers can rely on you offering uninterrupted service
  • Peace of mind allowing you to focus on your core business

Case studies:
Noelle + von Campe

Noelle + von Campe, a manufacturer of glass packaging based in Boffzen in Lower Saxony, is committed to a special idea of quality. In order to be able to monitor production processes in real time and as precisely as possible, the company relies on Toolbox 4.0. We used the box to digitize and commission three process fans with 132 KW for machine cooling. Three temperature sensors, three vibration sensors and one speed sensor operate per fan. In addition, we have installed a signal tower per fan for the visual view.

The Toolbox 4.0 not only convinces with the multitude of monitored data, but also with a simple and fast installation. We integrated the three boxes, including 21 sensors and three signal towers, into the existing plant in just three hours. There is no need for a control cabinet; an M2M SIM card (machine-to-machine) transmits measurement data encrypted to the cloud. In this way, we achieve digital sustainability thanks to continuous monitoring around the clock and, at the same time, condition monitoring in full.

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Elgar Feddema

Head of Sales

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