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In the world of maintenance, repair and operations, logistics and customs is a fundamental part of the supply chain. Whether you’re a manufacturer or end user, moving products between countries comes with a range of potential headaches and needing to manage many small deliveries is ineffective, costly and involves too many parties. It also exposes your product to more chances of being lost or damaged en-route.

Thankfully V-LINE is experienced in ensuring your deliveries reach their destination as easily and cost-effectively as possible. We achieve this by working with highly experienced, internationally-operating forwarding service providers which ensures streamlining a large part of the logistics process. This brings the number of small deliveries down by up to 80% and sees a reduction in damaged goods by up to 98%.

So besides significant cost savings compared to needing your own export department with expensive specialists, you as a manufacturer or end user, benefit from minimal risk both legally and financially.

Accustomed to getting your products through customs.

Working with V-LINE means your products are always available worldwide and at the right place. We are a customs-recognized AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) and have a special status within the framework of customs clearance – getting your products compliant and across borders has never been easier.

With a direct interface to the chamber of commerce, customs, freight-forwarders and the German export control authorities, we can offer streamlined processes tailored to fulfil both your needs and the import requirements of the destination country. For you, the international trade of industrial goods is reduced to a purely domestic.

Furthermore, consolidated invoicing and any further documentation is handled by our logistics experts and ensures a smooth dispatch of our shipments.

What you get:

  • Peace of mind that products will arrive on time, for less cost and in one piece
  • Smooth, streamlined, cross-border deliveries
  • Proven experts take care of full range of logistic services: like customs clearance, export control of all goods, compliance issues

Main benefits:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Minimal legal risk
  • Minimal financial risk
  • Consolidated and centralized logistics and customs processes
  • Worldwide availability of products
  • Ability to focus on core business
  • Perfect for locally-producing companies
  • Logistics cost and delivery times are strongly reduced due to consolidation of many POs into one shipment
  • Interfaces to authorities reduce throughput time for approvals and export declarations
  • The centralized processing of a single source (“V-LINE”) can drastically reduce the number of transactions in the logistics and customs clearance process
  • The centralized processing and consolidation of freight volumes can significantly reduce freight and handling costs

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