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Managed data helps you manage your business.


Data is invaluable to every business. But only when this data is accurate and accessible. What use is spare part data to your organization when it is inconsistent, incomplete and unstructured? Superior material master data is one of the key-factors in unlocking the hidden potential throughout the global MRO supply. Reliable data sees quality and compliance increase, costs decrease and leads to greater continuation of production and an overall lowering of your TCO.

V-LINE has teamed up with CODASOL to manage global MRO complexity based upon a (big) data driven model. From data cleansing, standardization and enrichment/enhancement through to data cataloging, compliance, governance and stewardship, you can rely on spare-part data managed by V-LINE. V-LINE’s Master Data Management enables you to better source, plan and strategically buy any MRO parts you need to secure reliable continuation of your production and operations as scheduled.

An automated approach to managing global MRO complexity.

V-LINE analyses and cleanses your data, such as material numbers, images, product descriptions etc., using data cleansing and enrichment techniques combined with cognitive technologies. These include algorithms, robotic process automation, machine learning etc. and help provide an automatic health check-up for a material code data set. Our MDM integrated process management tool acts as an AI-augmented real-time material code de-duplication process where AI algorithms augment the human experts by improving the speed at which the material codes can be verified.

Duplicates are removed and all remaining data is standardized using material code-standardization processes to fit within a specific template. These processes are a mix of material intelligence and AI, producing auto-rewrite algorithms to improve standards of data within a short duration, thereby avoiding costly periodic audits of the material dataset. The enhancement of your data isn’t a one-off event, rather a sustainable way to incorporate all future data. The result is a streamlined ordering process which stops you wasting time searching for suitable spare parts or wrongly re-ordering the same part. Your spare part organization becomes easier, more efficient and something you can truly build your business around.

How Master Data Management works for your business.

Master data management (MDM) links all of its critical data to one file, called a master file, which provides a common point of reference for a business. When properly done, MDM streamlines data sharing among personnel and departments and can also facilitate computing in multiple system architectures, platforms and applications. The benefits of MDM increase as the number and diversity of organizational departments, worker roles and computing applications expand.

Having the right information easily accessible significantly improves workforce efficiency and business operations. This is particularly true in maintenance and other heavy industries, where having accurate asset master data documentation is absolutely fundamental. To efficiently manage large quantities of physical assets across an enterprise, asset information must be properly integrated, validated, categorized and stored in a central location.

What you get:

  • Clean, accurate, reliable data
  • De-duplication of existing data
  • Control duplication of future data to streamline the ordering process sustainably
  • Standardization of future data
  • Enriched material specifications
  • Proper data governance structure

Main benefits:

  • Improved data usability
  • Cost saving as errors caused by incorrect data are eliminated
  • Faster spare parts purchase as data is correct and up-to-date
  • Increased process speed from manual to automated data checks
  • Avoid periodic audits for materials and IT systems
  • Inventory digitalization
  • Improved procurement and material-replenishment process
  • Overall business process efficiency
  • Reduced cost of inventory

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Elgar Feddema

Head of Sales

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