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Ensuring the right consumables, PPE and tools get to the right place at the right time typically requires the successful collaboration of at least the purchasing, warehousing, and accounting departments. In many industrial companies, the effort required to distribute urgently needed consumables is high and can be hampered by long delivery distances, short warehouse opening times and an inability to allocate to specific areas, cost centers or projects. The result is high downtime, high and non-transparent material consumption, and high administrative costs.

Our vending machine supply concept provides a remedy: You outsource procurement, administration, storage and dispensing and get guaranteed material availability around the clock and only pay for your material consumption after withdrawal. Our vending machines log all details and create transparency about consumption and reduce it up to 25%. In addition, you can freely determine the product range in the vending machines and are not limited to a defined delivery program of one vendor.

V-LINE vending technology makes spare part or PPE supply easier than ever.

Our industrial vending machines are easy to use, and access is gained via personal ID cards (RFID), barcodes or individual PIN codes. The desired items are selected on a 10″ color display by material group, material picture and short description including size. After selection, the vending machine searches and opens the appropriate bin to receive the desired item.

After the bin is closed, the inventory is updated internally, and the removed items are recorded to previously defined cost centers, departments, orders, or persons. The consumption data is sent online to a SaveNetwork (VPN), where it is available for retrieval in various reports or can be sent directly to defined recipients via e-mail. Different reports, formats, and transmission protocols can be chosen.

The consumption information is also used for our supply concept. Thus, the V-LINE Refiller is permanently informed about consumption and the achievement of minimum stock levels, and refills the machines at the customer’s site independently at intervals. Customer consumption is billed to the customer on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Furthermore, the system allows the issue and return of loaned articles, whereby the articles can only be released for issue after inspection by specialist personnel. This ensures the tracking of expensive parts as well as risk-free dispensing where only faultless equipment is used which increases work safety.

up to
reduction in your MRO or PPE procurement costs

Software solutions that keep you in control.

The success of V-LINE’s vending machines solution is also based on the used software. With intuitive dashboards that provide key system information at a glance, your vending machines can be used as primary inventory ordering and management systems with full purchasing, receiving and on-demand purchasing capabilities.

You can control and track access to tools and consumables based on individual parameters and roles or other criteria, and their intelligent reports and analytics keep you on top of things wherever you are.

By accurately recording and identifying all transactions by each employee, you can achieve a reduction in your MRO or PPE procurement costs of up to 35% and an increase in your productivity. Experience shows that the transparency created reduces material consumption by up to 25% – a major strategic advantage for your MRO or PPE business.

What you get:

  • 100% material availability 24/7
  • Easy access and operation
  • Outsourced procurement and vendor managed inventory
  • Payment of consumption after withdrawal
  • Automated reporting and full consumption transparency
  • Reduction of consumption, hoarding and theft
  • Cost savings and reduction of travel-time and other “non-profitable” activities

Main benefits:

  • Eliminate stock outs and down time
  • Lower costs due to less inventory
  • Reduction in MRO or PPE spend up to 35%
  • Increased productivity

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