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The complexities of shipping worldwide.


Arranging pickups from different locations around the world is a complex process. There are often many small deliveries with lots of potential for things to go wrong such as damaged goods and high rejection rates caused by incorrectly-processed paperwork, non-compliant products and labelling problems. The process is not only time-consuming, but also costly and steals your focus from your core business. The solution: Ask V-LINE to take care of your warehousing and consolidation.

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damaged goods reduced

With V-LINE it’s
easy from A to B.

Whether it’s physical goods, custom clearing, certificates, actual shipping or invoicing, V-LINE understands all there is to know about consolidation. With warehouses across the globe, our proven experts handle the full scope of getting your goods from A to B. Parts receipt, physical inspection and product labeling are just a few of many benefits our warehouse is offering. Damaged goods are also reduced by up to 98% and due to centralized processing at one hub, you stand to benefit from significant savings too.

By streamlining a large part of your logistics, we can bring the number of small deliveries down by up to 80%, take care of all the relevant packaging regulations and thus enable fast and smooth handling at the destination and shipping country. Our material inspection, excellent packaging and marking ensure that the receiving process can be carried out smoothly and with almost no deviations.

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As part of our logistics services, any order is proactively expedited, and the transport of your parts is coordinated to one of our consolidation centers around the world. Our cooperation with external packing agents also allows us to handle hazardous goods for airfreight which requires both a certain type of packaging along with IATA declaration.

Naturally, we complete all required customs documentation of the country of import ensuring 100% compliance, while carrier loading is professionally handled by our logistics experts.

We keep in constant communication and electronic data exchange with manufacturers and suppliers. A timely update of finance and insurance partners plus consolidated invoicing to customers along with payments to related parts suppliers, ensure a smooth dispatch of shipments.

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Highly-efficient material storage and consolidation ensures onward processing of the highest possible standard. We strive to contribute to the protection of our environment by using all available sustainable packaging options while also taking into account all relevant packaging regulations of destination countries (e.g. IPPC).

All parts scheduled for fixed interval consolidated orders as well as export packing for airfreight or sea freight are processed within our warehousing facilities: this includes hazardous goods. Our wide expertise sees us work closely with dangerous goods advisors and specially-trained teams to enable us to handle most DG-classified goods for sea freight, including the issuing of all necessary documentation.

What you get:

  • The services we offer through our warehouse allow you to outsource certain warehousing/consolidation activities, such as material inspection, or even operate/rent your own warehouse
  • Peace of mind through superior compliance, less risk of transport damage and incorrect labelling or marking

Main benefits:

  • Streamlined logistics
  • Inbound goods are inspected before being shipped to other continents
  • Logistics costs are strongly reduced due to consolidation of many POs into one shipment
  • Consolidation of multiple vendors’ packages into one delivery
  • Fast, efficient, and compliant
  • Far lower rejection rates
  • Always compliant
  • Correct marking and labelling
  • Reduced transport damages
  • More time to focus on core business thanks to removal of complex, time-consuming processes

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