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Traditional procurement methods often result in inefficient use of staff time, complicated tracking of goods and inflated costs for out-of-contract purchases. V-LINE’s e-procurement on the other hand helps automate many parts of the procurement process and offers built-in monitoring tools that reduce overheads for procurement teams, optimize performance, quality and compliance, increase process efficiency and achieve overall cost savings.

With e-procurement solutions such as system integrations and e-catalogue buying, companies have access to a larger selection of products and services that meet their specific needs. They gain the ability to quickly locate products from their preferred suppliers or vendors which directly helps control inventory size and costs.

V-LINE utilizes state of the art e-procurement solutions in different ways to support clients in their journey towards digitalizing their global MRO procurement. V-LINE is actively developing various solutions based around state of the art market best practices and proven client needs. Centralized transaction tracking, simplified reporting and contract compliance helps reduce delivery times, shorten procurement cycles and reducing your TCO.

Fewer costs,
greater focus.

Another major benefit of e-procurement is limiting the amount of maverick spending which happens when employees procure products “off contract,” i.e., when they make purchases outside the parameters set in negotiated and in-force contracts. And since the procurement department is freed from manual, repetitive or low-value tasks, it can redirect resources to higher value activities, such as contract negotiations.

Reporting of procurement trends and metrics is also improved thanks to e-procurement, giving companies such as yours increased insights into your procurement spending. Since all information is centralized, company management or stakeholders can easily access it at any time, day or night, to improve decision-making. This in turn increases process transparency, accountability and enables better control over the whole procurement value chain.

made easy.

V-LINE offers a unique state of the art e-catalogue. This B2B procurement tool has been developed over the past few years and is based upon the latest technology standard. The V-LINE e-catalogue is able to be integrated into multiple ERP systems directly and through midware solutions such as, but not limited to, SAP Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer and Oracle Fusion.

V-LINE also offers integrated and B2B customized EDI connections via various formats and standards. Unique and client-specific connections are built, tested and moved to production based upon the documents or technical possibilities of each individual client. And as part of its e-procurement landscape, V-LINE is facilitating clients’ e-catalogue buying by means of punch-out technology.

Full end-to-end integration facilitated via middle ware platforms of clients such as Ariba in which P2P process documents (e.g. purchase orders, change orders, order confirmation, advanced shipping notification, goods receipts, invoices) are exchanged fully-automated and integrated.

Cycle times, manual failures and complexity decrease while the service level, security and compliance increases with both V-LINE and the client creating an almost touchless, end-to-end procurement process minimizing risks while maximizing benefits.

What you get:

  • A larger selection of products and services
  • A unique state of the art e-catalogue
  • The ability to quickly locate products from your preferred suppliers or vendors
  • Improved reporting of procurement trends and metrics
  • Increased insights into your procurement spending

Main benefits:

  • Greater control over inventory size and cost
  • Reduced overheads for procurement teams
  • Optimized performance
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Overall cost savings
  • Greater automation, integration & acceleration
  • Reduction in manual work
  • Elimination of errors caused by manual work
  • Real time information on outstanding documents (RFQ, Quote, PO, OC, CO, ASN, Invoice)
  • Improved reporting
  • improved quality, guaranteed compliance, reduced TCO

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