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Inefficient use of staff time, complicated tracking of goods, inflated costs for out-of-contract purchases: Do you feel that traditional procurement methods could be optimized and that there has to be a digital approach to it? We have the perfect solution for you: Our e-procurement system V-FLEXX represents the next generation of procurement and is your digital gateway to over 40 million items from US and Europe which are directly accessible. With V-FLEXX, you achieve a high level of performance, quality and control in your procurement process.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies your process from request to purchase order and can be either connected to your ERP system (‘V-FLEXX Connect’) or used as a standalone version (‘V-FLEXX One’). Both versions offer the highest level of flexibility to meet your specific needs. V-FLEXX offers an almost touchless end-to-end process which increases your benefits and reduces your risk to an absolute minimum, resulting in high process efficiency and cost savings.

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Flexible. Local. Efficient. Expert. Experienced.

V-FLEXX is your overall e-procurement solution for uncoded material and has highly individualized content to suit your unique business demands best. Next to basic V-LINE content for multiple commodities, V-FLEXX integrates external catalogues from European and US manufacturers and suppliers and offers free text instant purchase orders (IPO) and RFQ functionalities. All priced items are marked with a binding delivery date and can be shipped to your address.

With V-FLEXX, you benefit from the whole strength of the V-LINE GROUP. Whether your demand is global or local, whether you need local or cross-border consolidation and deliveries: V-FLEXX offers both national and international solutions for your individual needs.

Innovate. Automate. Accelerate.

V-FLEXX is available in two options: V-FLEXX Connect and V-FLEXX One. V-FLEXX Connect can be fully integrated into your ERP system via OCI Level 1 Punch-out or via standard SAP or another ERP OCI connection. Integration into multiple ERP-systems such as SAP as well as through middle ware solutions such as, but not limited to, SAP Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer and Oracle Fusion are both possible. V-FLEXX Connect is the perfect addition for you that fully blends into your procurement process.

V-FLEXX One is the standalone version for remote or non-system demand. It can be easily accessed via web-browser login and offers you the full range of the procurement process. Its flexible check-out setup provides all steps from request to delivery and includes P-Card buying and standing PO features. V-FLEXX One offers you the full flexibility that you need in your daily business.

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What you get:

  • V-LINE content for multiple commodities as basis
  • 40+ million items from Europe and US
  • Content highly individualized
  • External catalogues of European and US manufacturers and distributors
  • Free text Instant Purchase Orders (IPO)
  • RFQ functionalities
  • P-CARD buying

Main benefits:

  • Overall solution for uncoded materials
  • Fully digitalize traditional street buying
  • Highest flexbility and individualization
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Overall cost savings
  • Greater automation, integration & acceleration
  • Periodically reporting of all spend covered
  • An almost touchless end-to-end process
  • Reducing risk to an absolute minimum
  • Improved quality, guaranteed compliance, reduced TCO

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Head of Business Development
+49 5138 7008 15

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