Process Outsourcing


Procurement doesn’t need to be complex. Nor expensive.


As every CEO, Procurement Manager or Financial Officer will tell you, the procurement process comes with a range of challenges but is fundamental to the smooth-running of your business. With over 40 years’ experience in the spare parts industry, outsourcing your operational MRO procurement to V-LINE makes complete sense for your business. We use our expertise to simplify the whole procurement process, helping bring down your costs and increase your focus on your core operations, overall procurement quality and compliance.

up to
reduction of internal costs

You maintain
full control.

Outsourcing indirect purchasing doesn’t mean handing over control. On the contrary, you will keep full control and continue to determine which products and services are purchased, from which vendors, and under which conditions. We just help optimize the operational procurement process which reduces your indirect costs and wins you more time for strategic purchasing. With our single-creditor model, you will see your supplier and invoice files reduced by up to 80% and will witness a reduction of internal costs of up to 21%.

What you get:

  • V-LINE takes over the whole procurement process
  • This includes near shore, onshore and offshore
  • The following services are included in our procurement solution: MRO Supply, Logistics & Customs, Warehouse & Consolidation
  • We can optimize even further by easily adding other services as and when you require

Main benefits:

  • You can focus your energy and spending on your business, not on procurement
  • You gain peace of mind knowing the whole procurement process is being taken care of and continuously optimized
  • Significant procurement cost savings
  • Enhanced operations
  • Transfer of know-how
  • Personnel costs and resources reduced
  • Supplier numbers reduced
  • Procurement made simple

Do you want to get started?

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Head of Business Development
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